Unit test framework for Jenkins core and its plugins
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Jenkins Unit Test Harness

Defines test harness for Jenkins core and plugins that you can use during the mvn test phase. See wiki page


2.40 (2018 Jul 20)

2.39 (2018 Jun 05)

  • Make RunLoadCounter compatible with Pipeline (WorkflowJob / WorkflowRun).
  • Prevent agent processes from stealing focus on OS X.
  • Make the NoListenerConfiguration constructor public.

2.38 (2018 Apr 09)

  • JENKINS-50598: ability to run JenkinsRule-based tests with a custom WAR file.
  • JENKINS-50590: fix combination of crumbs with existing request parameters.

2.37 (2018 Apr 06)

  • Improved RestartableJenkinsRule.simulateAbruptShutdown.

2.36 (2018 Apr 04)

  • JENKINS-50476:: offer a way to assert that Jenkins won't start

2.35 (2018 Apr 04)


2.34 (2018 Jan 29)

  • Added CLICommandInvoker.Result.stdoutBinary and .stderrBinary.
  • Deprecated PresetData.

2.33 (2017 Dec 21)

  • RestartableJenkinsRule utilities to simulate abrupt (i.e., unplanned) shutdowns.

2.32 (2017 Oct 28)

  • Added LoggerRule.recordPackage as a convenience.
  • Added LoggerRule.recorded methods returning matchers to simplify checking for log records.
  • Added WebClient.withBasicCredentials and .withBasicApiToken methods to simplify passing authentication to REST requests as an alternative to .login.
  • waitOnline with JNLPLauncher failed rather than waiting.
  • Do not even try to persist an Authentication via XStream.

2.31 (2017 Oct 17)

  • Introduced RestartableJenkinsRule.createJenkinsRule.
  • Changed JenkinsRule.createComputerLauncher to return the more generic type ComputerLauncher rather than CommandLauncher.

2.30 (2017 Oct 10)

  • Avoiding JenkinsRule plugin setup error involving excluded optional transitive dependencies.

2.29 (2017 Oct 10)

  • Introduced JenkinsRule.waitOnline, improving diagnostics for createSlave and createOnlineSlave.
  • Issue a friendlier warning for a harmless @TestExtension binary incompatibility issue.

2.28 (2017 Sep 26)

  • Fixing a regression in LoggerRule in 2.26, and improving log appearance further.

2.27 (2017 Sep 20)

  • JENKINS-45245: work around incorrect Maven test classpath in IntelliJ IDEA.
  • More readable timestamps in log messages during tests.

2.26 (2017 Sep 13)

  • Adjust Jetty configuration to use a fixed number of “acceptors” and “selectors”. This has been observed to fix JENKINS-43666-like test failures in some CI environments, depending on the reported number of CPU cores.
  • Improve display of messages when using LoggerRule.

2.25 (2017 Sep 12)

  • More reliable test timeout system in JenkinsRule.

2.24 (2017 Aug 02)

  • Added RestartableJenkinsRule.then with a Java 8-friendly signature.
  • Upgrade to Jetty 9.4.

2.23 (2017 Jun 26)

  • JENKINS-41631: removing the Maven Embedder dependency from the harness.
  • JENKINS-44453: JenkinsRule should ensure that Jenkins reaches the COMPLETED milestone.

2.22 (2017 May 02)

  • Make FakeChangeLogSCM support Run rather than just AbstractBuild.

2.21 (2017 Apr 25)

  • Fixed a regression in 2.20 affecting especially InjectedTest on Jenkins 2.x.

2.20 (2017 Apr 20)

  • “Detached” plugins in Jenkins 2.x are no longer loaded implicitly during tests. You should declare test-scoped dependencies on plugins you expect to use during your tests, in the desired versions. TestPluginManager.installResourcePlugin has been removed, and installDetachedPlugin added for unusual cases.
  • Avoid using methods deleted in newer version of HtmlUnit.
  • waitForMessage can fail immediately if the build is completed.
  • Possible to override JenkinsRule.createWebServer more easily.
  • Deprecating CLICommandInvoker.authorizedTo in favor of a simpler asUser.
  • Make Jetty be quiet during functional tests.
  • Pick up jetty-io and jetty-util from our specified version to avoid conflicts.

2.19 (2017 Feb 27)

  • Introduced allowSoft parameter to assertGC.
  • Avoid any fixed timeout on waitUntilNoActivity.

2.18 (2016 Dec 20)

  • Fixed JenkinsComputerConnectorTester so ComputerConnectors can be tested through JenkinsRule.configRoundTrip.
  • Improved MemoryAssert.assertGC: now catches more root references, and can run with the environment variable ASSERT_GC_VERBOSE=true to track down SoftReference leaks.
  • Better report java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URI is not hierarchical; generally this is a symptom of a plugin missing a root index.jelly.

2.17 (2016 Oct 10)

  • JenkinsRule.getLog fixed to make fewer assumptions about the implementation of Run.getLogText.

2.16 and earlier

Not recorded.