Unit test framework for Jenkins core and its plugins
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Jenkins Unit Test Harness

Defines test harness for Jenkins core and plugins that you can use during the mvn test phase. See wiki page


2.18 (2016 Dec 20)

  • Fixed JenkinsComputerConnectorTester so ComputerConnectors can be tested through JenkinsRule.configRoundTrip.
  • Improved MemoryAssert.assertGC: now catches more root references, and can run with the environment variable ASSERT_GC_VERBOSE=true to track down SoftReference leaks.
  • Better report java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URI is not hierarchical; generally this is a symptom of a plugin missing a root index.jelly.

2.17 (2016 Oct 10)

  • JenkinsRule.getLog fixed to make fewer assumptions about the implementation of Run.getLogText.

2.16 and earlier

Not recorded.