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Global Plugin Configuration #67

tf opened this Issue · 8 comments

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tf commented


while fields from a template called global.erb are displayed on Jenkins' global configuration page, I could not yet figure out how to persist or access information given in those fields.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.




a good example on how to display a global configuration block, persist submitted data, and use it would be appreciated!


tf commented

Any update on this?


+1 again :)


I've managed to get the configuration to save and load after restart.
But, the information is not displayed either, and it can't be accessed by the rest of the plugin.
More details @

I can write a workaround, but it would be ugly as hell.
I tried writing various versions of descriptors, but the problem persists.

+1 to the issue

Any help appreciated!


+1 also


+1 I'm trying to write a plugin and struggling with this as well. C'mon, guys. Is it that hard for somebody who knows how this works to write a quick example for us?

tf commented

Thanks to @n-rodriguez there is now an example of handling global configuration in the jenkins-mysql-job-databases-plugin.

@elvanja elvanja referenced this issue in elvanja/jenkins-gitlab-hook-plugin

Git 2x support #38

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