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Marking JENKINS-15094 major bug
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olivergondza committed Jun 1, 2014
1 parent 286d314 commit 00292ff44c38a4d6c1423020f13f97e48efd7bad
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@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@
<li class="rfe">
Don't advertise POSTing config.xml on master
(<a href="">issue 16264</a>)
<li class="bug">
<li class="major bug">
Handle null parameter values to avoid massive executor deaths
(<a href="">issue 15094</a>)
@@ -4392,7 +4392,7 @@ <h3><a name=v1.380>What's new in 1.380</a> (2010/10/09)</h3>
<h3><a name=v1.379>What's new in 1.379</a> (2010/10/02)</h3>
<ul class=image>
<li class='major bug'>
Fixed a pipe clogging problem that can result in a hanging build.
Fixed a pipe clogging problem thata name=v1.399 can result in a hanging build.
(<a href="">issue 5977</a>,
<a href="">issue 7572</a>)
<li class=bug>

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