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[FIXED JENKINS-31068] Monitor does not detect when Tomcat URL encodin…

…g parameter rejects forward slashes in URL (#2977)

* Fixing JENKINS-31068

* backing out changes--they don't fully work

* Saving progress so that I can revert to an earlier version for tests

* So, pretty exhaustive testing yields that these modifications have the same behavior as the previous versions

* [FIX JENKINS-31068] Adding wiki reference to error message.  Adding trailing slash to URL

* [FIX JENKINS-31068] It looks like different versions of Tomcat and Apache HTTP handle this case differently. Really, the best we can do is check to see if the test method was not hit and passed correctly--if we hit it, we get more information on the configuration error.  If we don't, we just refer them to a general wiki page
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josiahhaswell authored and daniel-beck committed Sep 3, 2017
1 parent 3bc9c86 commit 33799df36cbf2f5e0c5d0ac8372ff761e82c3784
@@ -27,7 +27,9 @@ THE SOFTWARE.
var checkAjax=new Ajax.Request('${rootURL}/${it.url}/test', {
onComplete : function(transport) {
if (transport.status==0 || transport.status==404) {
if (transport.status != 200) {

// redirect failed. Unfortunately, according to the spec
// in case of error, we can either get 0 or a failure code
$$('redirect-error').style.display = "block";

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