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Started producing 1.6 class files
The plan of the record is that we start producing 1.6 class files and
see if people start complaining. If we hear from users, we'll re-visit
our decision, and if we don't, then we'll start using 1.6 features
everywhere in the code.
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kohsuke committed Jun 15, 2013
1 parent 793fa19 commit 3431a7cba4a8c73d975ae7db69892a2eb473b5d0
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@@ -75,6 +75,10 @@
<li class=rfe>
Executors running the builds can be now a subject of access control.
(<a href="">issue 18285</a>)
<li class='major rfe'>
Core started relying on Java 1.6 as per the agreement in the dev list.
If you have a serious objection against it, please let us know
before we really start relying on 1.6 features.

@@ -598,8 +598,8 @@ THE SOFTWARE.
<configuration><!-- we specify this in the parent POM, so this is redundant, but otherwise IntelliJ is unhappy -->
<!-- default reuseCreated is more performant
feel free to uncomment if you have any issues on your platform

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@jglick jglick commented on 3431a7c Jun 18, 2013

When was this agreed on dev list? This will cause problems like JENKINS-16920 for people using Maven projects with JDK 5; need to first refactor the in-Maven agent to not load Jenkins classes.

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