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[JENKINS-18776] This work around no longer necessary,
... as the newer Groovy compiler produces the proper enclosing class

(cherry picked from commit 92c2503)
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kohsuke authored and olivergondza committed Sep 19, 2013
1 parent 3d30b3a commit 3559a52e2dc751bcd9fc3b335c17efc9c1b54f2b
Showing with 0 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +0 −5 test/src/main/java/org/jvnet/hudson/test/
@@ -72,11 +72,6 @@ protected boolean isActive(AnnotatedElement e) {
return true; // enclosed

// Groovy compiler doesn't seem to put the enclosing class information in the class file,
// so this fallback rule would catch those cases.
if (((Class)e).getName().startsWith(className+"$"))
return true;
return false;
if (e instanceof Field) {

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