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Fix of JENKINS-8408 broke some tests of workspace-based polling; disa…
…ble the fix when inside a test, for better predictability.

(Ideally Jenkins would actually detect whether there was a *plan* to connect a slave of a given name.)
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jglick committed Jun 9, 2014
1 parent 5e89373 commit 3ddef512b21b336e2911598ad3f62def62cb0e18
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  1. +1 −1 core/src/main/java/hudson/model/
@@ -1380,7 +1380,7 @@ private PollingResult _poll(TaskListener listener, SCM scm) throws IOException,
// give time for slaves to come online if we are right after reconnection (JENKINS-8408)
long running = Jenkins.getInstance().getInjector().getInstance(Uptime.class).getUptime();
long remaining = TimeUnit2.MINUTES.toMillis(10)-running;
if (remaining>0) {
if (remaining>0 && /* this logic breaks tests of polling */!Functions.getIsUnitTest()) {
listener.getLogger().println( " (" + + ")");
return NO_CHANGES;

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