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[FIXED JENKINS-23568] Be sure to release WorkspaceList.Lease determin…

…istically in a finally block.
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jglick committed Dec 22, 2014
1 parent c5c6bc0 commit 47fa17ba61dac99052304b5a9bb44878ed5898c6
Showing with 4 additions and 1 deletion.
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  2. +1 −1 core/src/main/java/hudson/model/
@@ -55,6 +55,9 @@
<!-- Record your changes in the trunk here. -->
<div id="trunk" style="display:none"><!--=TRUNK-BEGIN=-->
<ul class=image>
<li class=bug>
Possible unreleased workspace lock if SCM polling fails during setup.
(<a href="">issue 23568</a>)
<li class=bug>
Misleading description of the 'workspace' permission.
(<a href="">issue 20148</a>)
@@ -1451,9 +1451,9 @@ private PollingResult pollWithWorkspace(TaskListener listener, SCM scm, R lb, @N
// OTOH, if a concurrent build is chosen, the user is willing to create a multiple workspace,
// so better throughput is achieved over time (modulo the initial cost of creating that many workspaces)
// by having multiple workspaces
WorkspaceList.Lease lease = l.acquire(ws, !concurrentBuild);
Node node = lb.getBuiltOn();
Launcher launcher = ws.createLauncher(listener).decorateByEnv(getEnvironment(node,listener));
WorkspaceList.Lease lease = l.acquire(ws, !concurrentBuild);
try {
listener.getLogger().println("Polling SCM changes on " + node.getSelfLabel().getName());
LOGGER.fine("Polling SCM changes of " + getName());

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jglick commented on 47fa17b Dec 29, 2014

Oops, this was supposed to be for JENKINS-26201.

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