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[JENKINS-4543] Noting retroactively.

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jglick committed Dec 9, 2013
1 parent 23e9e7c commit 51765382e861355037600d9fc63d4aadedf5d7b1
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@@ -798,6 +798,9 @@ <h3><a name=v1.514>What's new in 1.514</a> (2013/05/01)</h3>
<li class=bug>
NPE from <code>MatrixConfiguration.newBuild</code>.
(<a href="">issue 17728</a>)
<li class=bug>
Identify the short name of an uploaded plugin from the manifest, so it does not matter what the filename was.
(<a href="">issue 4543</a>)
<li class='major bug'>
NPE configuring Copy Artifact with Maven jobs.
(<a href="">issue 17402</a>)

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