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[FIXED JENKINS-33377] Add a check for termination to Functions.isExte…

(cherry picked from commit 1ed395a)
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stephenc authored and olivergondza committed Mar 30, 2016
1 parent f24c536 commit 5ca718ac016b970e3588bd133bd048e8a224989b
Showing with 12 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +12 −2 core/src/main/java/hudson/
@@ -74,6 +74,8 @@
import hudson.tasks.UserAvatarResolver;
import hudson.util.Area;
import hudson.util.FormValidation.CheckMethod;
import hudson.util.HudsonIsLoading;
import hudson.util.HudsonIsRestarting;
import hudson.util.Iterators;
import hudson.util.jna.GNUCLibrary;
import hudson.util.Secret;
@@ -207,20 +209,28 @@ public static String rfc822Date(Calendar cal) {

* During Jenkins start-up, before {@link InitMilestone#PLUGINS_STARTED} the extensions lists will be empty
* and they are not guaranteed to be fully populated until after {@link InitMilestone#EXTENSIONS_AUGMENTED}.
* and they are not guaranteed to be fully populated until after {@link InitMilestone#EXTENSIONS_AUGMENTED},
* similarly, during termination after {@link Jenkins#isTerminating()} is set, it is no longer safe to access
* the extensions lists.
* If you attempt to access the extensions list from a UI thread while the extensions are being loaded you will
* hit a big honking great monitor lock that will block until the effective extension list has been determined
* (as if a plugin fails to start, all of the failed plugin's extensions and any dependent plugins' extensions
* will have to be evicted from the list of extensions. In practical terms this only affects the
* "Jenkins is loading" screen, but as that screen uses the generic layouts we provide this utility method
* so that the generic layouts can avoid iterating extension lists while Jenkins is starting up.
* If you attempt to access the extensions list from a UI thread while Jenkins is being shut down, the extensions
* themselves may no longer be in a valid state and could attempt to revive themselves and block termination.
* In actual terms the termination only affects those views required to render {@link HudsonIsRestarting}'s
* {@code index.jelly} which is the same set as the {@link HudsonIsLoading} pages so it makes sense to
* use both checks here.
* @return {@code true} if the extensions lists have been populated.
* @since 1.607
public static boolean isExtensionsAvailable() {
final Jenkins jenkins = Jenkins.getInstance();
return jenkins != null && jenkins.getInitLevel().compareTo(InitMilestone.EXTENSIONS_AUGMENTED) >= 0;
return jenkins != null && jenkins.getInitLevel().compareTo(InitMilestone.EXTENSIONS_AUGMENTED) >= 0
&& !jenkins.isTerminating();

public static void initPageVariables(JellyContext context) {

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