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[JENKINS-38527] - Prevent NullPointerException in Slave#createLaunche…

…r() and add cause diagnostics (#2923)

* [JENKINS-38527] - Prevent NullPointerException in Slave#createLauncher() and add cause diagnostics

The original issue comes from the isUnix() unboxing, but we can also get into an issue later if we pass a null Channel instance to the logic.
This change adds some diagnostics which discovers potential root causes of such potential NPEs due to the race conditions with Computer reconnection

* [JENKINS-38527] - Also handle cases when Channel#isClosingOrClosed() as @stephenc suggested
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oleg-nenashev committed Jun 26, 2017
1 parent 006fd89 commit 78a42d5a4a5d545324c2d3230de6947e1ec8806e
Showing with 55 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +55 −2 core/src/main/java/hudson/model/
@@ -57,6 +57,8 @@
import java.util.Collection;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Set;
import java.util.logging.Level;
import java.util.logging.Logger;
import javax.annotation.CheckForNull;
import javax.annotation.Nonnull;
import javax.servlet.ServletException;
@@ -92,6 +94,9 @@
* @author Kohsuke Kawaguchi
public abstract class Slave extends Node implements Serializable {

private static final Logger LOGGER = Logger.getLogger(Slave.class.getName());

* Name of this agent node.
@@ -412,13 +417,61 @@ public URL getURL() throws IOException {
* If there is no computer it will return a {@link hudson.Launcher.DummyLauncher}, otherwise it
* will return a {@link hudson.Launcher.RemoteLauncher} instead.
public Launcher createLauncher(TaskListener listener) {
SlaveComputer c = getComputer();
if (c == null) {
listener.error("Issue with creating launcher for agent " + name + ".");
listener.error("Issue with creating launcher for agent " + name + ". Computer has been disconnected");
return new Launcher.DummyLauncher(listener);
} else {
return new RemoteLauncher(listener, c.getChannel(), c.isUnix()).decorateFor(this);
// TODO: ideally all the logic below should be inside the SlaveComputer class with proper locking to prevent race conditions,
// but so far there is no locks for setNode() hence it requires serious refactoring

// Ensure that the Computer instance still points to this node
// Otherwise we may end up running the command on a wrong (reconnected) Node instance.
Slave node = c.getNode();
if (node != this) {
String message = "Issue with creating launcher for agent " + name + ". Computer has been reconnected";
if (LOGGER.isLoggable(Level.WARNING)) {
LOGGER.log(Level.WARNING, message, new IllegalStateException("Computer has been reconnected, this Node instance cannot be used anymore"));
return new Launcher.DummyLauncher(listener);

// RemoteLauncher requires an active Channel instance to operate correctly
final Channel channel = c.getChannel();
if (channel == null) {
reportLauncerCreateError("The agent has not been fully initialized yet",
"No remoting channel to the agent OR it has not been fully initialized yet", listener);
return new Launcher.DummyLauncher(listener);
if (channel.isClosingOrClosed()) {
reportLauncerCreateError("The agent is being disconnected",
"Remoting channel is either in the process of closing down or has closed down", listener);
return new Launcher.DummyLauncher(listener);
final Boolean isUnix = c.isUnix();
if (isUnix == null) {
// isUnix is always set when the channel is not null, so it should never happen
reportLauncerCreateError("The agent has not been fully initialized yet",
"Cannot determing if the agent is a Unix one, the System status request has not completed yet. " +
"It is an invalid channel state, please report a bug to Jenkins if you see it.",
return new Launcher.DummyLauncher(listener);

return new RemoteLauncher(listener, channel, isUnix).decorateFor(this);

private void reportLauncerCreateError(@Nonnull String humanReadableMsg, @CheckForNull String exceptionDetails, @Nonnull TaskListener listener) {

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jglick Sep 8, 2017



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oleg-nenashev Mar 10, 2018

Author Member


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daniel-beck Mar 10, 2018


Private, so NBD.

String message = "Issue with creating launcher for agent " + name + ". " + humanReadableMsg;
if (LOGGER.isLoggable(Level.WARNING)) {
// Send stacktrace to the log as well in order to diagnose the root cause of issues like JENKINS-38527
LOGGER.log(Level.WARNING, message
+ "Probably there is a race condition with Agent reconnection or disconnection, check other log entries",
new IllegalStateException(exceptionDetails != null ? exceptionDetails : humanReadableMsg));

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