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Update remoting to 2.31 in the Jenkins core. (#2628)
The change introduces one serious bugfix (JENKINS-39596) and a bunch of various diagnostics improvements.


* [JENKINS-39596]( -
Jenkins URL in `hudson.remoting.Engine` was always `null` since `3.0`.
It was causing connection failures of Jenkins JNLP agents when using Java Web Start.
([PR #131](jenkinsci/remoting#131))
* [JENKINS-39617]( -
`hudson.remoting.Engine` was failing to establish connection if one of the URLs parameter in parameters was malformed.
([PR #131](jenkinsci/remoting#131))


* [JENKINS-39150]( -
Add logic for dumping diagnostics across all the channels.
([PR #122](jenkinsci/remoting#122), [PR #125](jenkinsci/remoting#125))
* [JENKINS-39543]( -
Improve the caller/callee correlation diagnostics in thread dumps.
([PR #119](jenkinsci/remoting#119))
* [JENKINS-39290]( -
Add the `org.jenkinsci.remoting.nio.NioChannelHub.disabled` flag for disabling NIO (mostly for debugging purposes).
([PR #123](jenkinsci/remoting#123))
* [JENKINS-38692]( -
Add extra logging to help diagnosing `IOHub` Thread spikes.
([PR #116](jenkinsci/remoting#116))
* [JENKINS-39289]( -
 When a proxy fails, report what caused the channel to go down.
([PR #128](jenkinsci/remoting#128))
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oleg-nenashev committed Nov 10, 2016
1 parent e6db919 commit 7a948d399585d201c4132597aed5723a495acf69
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