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[FIXED JENKINS-19565] Pass ${it} and ${instance} to contents of dropd…
…ownDescriptorSelector. And developers now can specify attr.capture to pass any variables.
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ikedam committed Apr 13, 2014
1 parent 56ce824 commit 86319de87b8469c06cf56ed933cfe85bade4eee4
Showing 1 changed file with 7 additions and 1 deletion.
@@ -42,6 +42,11 @@ THE SOFTWARE.
If specified, this will be chosen as the default value in case the current selection is null. The default can be an specific instance or a descriptor e.g.
${descriptor.defaultSettingsProvider} or ${descriptor.defaultSettingsProvider.descriptor}. In the later case, the from input fields will be empty.
<st:attribute name="capture">
Config fragments from descriptors are rendered lazily by default, which means
variables seen in the caller aren't visible to them. This attribute allows you
to nominate additional variables and their values to be captured for descriptors.
<f:prepareDatabinding />
<j:set target="${attrs}" property="descriptors" value="${attrs.descriptors ?: descriptor.getPropertyType(instance,attrs.field).getApplicableDescriptors()}" />
@@ -51,10 +56,11 @@ THE SOFTWARE.

<j:set var="current" value="${instance[attrs.field]}"/>
<j:set var="current" value="${current!=null ? current : (default.descriptor!=null ? default : null)}"/>
<j:set var="capture" value="${attrs.capture?:''}" />
<j:forEach var="descriptor" items="${attrs.descriptors}" varStatus="loop">
<f:dropdownListBlock value="${loop.index}" title="${descriptor.displayName}"
selected="${current.descriptor==descriptor || (current==null and descriptor==attrs.default)}" staplerClass="${}"
<j:set var="instance" value="${current.descriptor==descriptor ? current : null}" />
<st:include from="${descriptor}" page="${descriptor.configPage}" />

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