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[FIXED JENKINS-22570] On a configure screen that has multiple groups …
…of radio buttons, clicking the apply button clears all but the last radio group selection

- Changed from mutating the value to maintaining an index and using that index to get the required substring

- Risk of unintended consequences is low. The Submit flow moves off the page before the consequences of the effect
  could be seen... though a careful attention to the page submit can identify the change... and the page is now
  left as before clicking f:apply instead of mutated.
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stephenc committed Apr 10, 2014
1 parent d46b17e commit 88d84f6e9b2f05366bc8e6f4bc62ac61e7211926
Showing with 5 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +5 −3 war/src/main/webapp/scripts/hudson-behavior.js
@@ -1814,6 +1814,7 @@ function buildFormTree(form) {

var p;
var r;
var type = e.getAttribute("type");
if(type==null) type="";
switch(type.toLowerCase()) {
@@ -1861,11 +1862,12 @@ function buildFormTree(form) {
case "radio":
if(!e.checked) break;
while (,8)=='removeme') ='_',8)+1);
while (,r+8)=='removeme')
r ='_',r+8)+1;
if(e.groupingNode) {
p = findParent(e);
addProperty(p,, e.formDom = { value: e.value });
addProperty(p,, e.formDom = { value: e.value });

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