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[JENKINS-9283] - Document timezones support in help pages

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oleg-nenashev authored and daniel-beck committed Jun 6, 2015
1 parent 78a42d5 commit b171bc60535dc2268f4c7f89a0daa6f9cc06febd
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# once a day on the 1st and 15th of every month except December
H H 1,15 1-11 *
<b>Timezone specification</b>. <br/>
Periodic tasks are normally executed at the scheduled time in the timezone of
the Jenkins master JVM (currently Central European Time).
This behaviour can be <b>optionally</b> changed by specifying an alternative timezone in the
first line of the field.
<li>Timezone specification should contain the &quot;TZ=$(timezoneID)&quot; string</li>
<li>If a timezone is not specified or if it is specified incorrectly, the default Jenkins JVM timezone will be used</li>
<li>Th supports all timezones returned by
<a href="">
</a> on the Jenkins server JVM
<li>Examples: EST, Etc/GMT+5, US/Pacific, America/Indiana/Petersburg, etc.</li>
# This job needs to be run in the morning, London time
H 8 * * *
# Butlers do not have a five o'clock, so we run the job again
H(0-30) 17 * * *

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