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[JENKINS-18775] [JENKINS-17248] Noting.
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jglick committed Aug 26, 2013
1 parent 4def416 commit d3fa3bc906c7cb88c267f36b8eba1150435f9aaf
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<li class=bug>
Send Maven agent JARs to slaves on demand, not unconditionally upon connection.
(<a href="">issue 16261</a>)
<li class=bug>
Occasional race condition during startup.
(<a href="">issue 18775</a>)
<li class='major bug'>
Robustness against startup error for users of Global Build Stats plugin.
(<a href="">issue 17248</a>)
<li class=bug>
Build number symlinks and permalinks not updated for Maven module builds.
(<a href="">issue 18846</a>)

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