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Merge pull request #2899 from jglick/executable-war-JENKINS-24064

[JENKINS-24064] Replace war-for-test classifier with executable-war type
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jglick committed May 30, 2017
2 parents dd18af3 + 4c79808 commit fb5c899ec96e47c1e8357ae1ba054e092f316ee7
Showing with 8 additions and 29 deletions.
  1. +1 −1 pom.xml
  2. +7 −5 test/pom.xml
  3. +0 −23 war/pom.xml
@@ -531,7 +531,7 @@ THE SOFTWARE.
@@ -44,14 +44,11 @@ THE SOFTWARE.

put hudson.war in the classpath. we can't pull in the war artifact directly
because Maven excludes all wars from classpath automatically. so we need a jar artifact.
@@ -189,6 +186,11 @@ THE SOFTWARE.

@@ -414,29 +414,6 @@ THE SOFTWARE.
<!-- deploy the war as a jar, so that the tests can pull this into the classpath -->
<plugin><!-- generate licenses.xml -->

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