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Commits on May 6, 2015
  1. @oleg-nenashev

    Merge pull request #1689 from deadmoose/patch-3

    oleg-nenashev authored
    Remove erroneous '+ ' from log message.
  2. @deadmoose
Commits on May 5, 2015
  1. @daniel-beck
  2. @olivergondza

    Merge pull request #1681 from olivergondza/cleanup-logs

    olivergondza authored
    Remove logs after deleting the computer
  3. @olivergondza
Commits on May 4, 2015
  1. @olamy

    Merge pull request #1683 from baaym/master

    olamy authored
    Add support for Maven 3.3 .cmd files in Windows
  2. @oleg-nenashev

    Noting #1591

    oleg-nenashev authored
  3. @oleg-nenashev

    Merge pull request #1591 from vb-linetco/patch-1

    oleg-nenashev authored
    [FIXED JENKINS-27441] avoid IOOBE in getLog when called with 0
  4. @oleg-nenashev

    Noting #1682

    oleg-nenashev authored
  5. @oleg-nenashev

    Merge pull request #1682 from albers/ldap-plugin-1.11

    oleg-nenashev authored
    Update bundled LDAP plugin in order to restore missing help files
  6. @kohsuke

    updated changelog for release

    kohsuke authored
  7. @kohsuke
  8. @kohsuke
Commits on May 2, 2015
  1. @baaym
Commits on May 1, 2015
  1. @jglick

    [JENKINS-26964] Merging #1577.

    jglick authored
Commits on Apr 30, 2015
  1. @albers

    Update bundled LDAP plugin in order to restore missing help files

    albers authored
    In e91782e some help files were removed
    from core because they were moved to LDAP plugin. 
    Unfortunately, these help files are not available in LDAP plugin
    versions prior to 1.11.
  2. @KostyaSha

    Fixing PR comments:

    KostyaSha authored
    - Typo
    - Print error combined
    - Set result only when phase like in other code parts.
    - Test for expected error message in log
  3. @KostyaSha

    Note JENKINS-26964

    KostyaSha authored
Commits on Apr 29, 2015
  1. @KostyaSha

    Fix PR comments

    KostyaSha authored
    - Print publisher display name instead of class, so user can understand what publisher in UI was used and failed.
    - Setter for artifact archiver shows how it handle status
    - Minor typos
    - Added test for stacktraces in build log
  2. @KostyaSha

    [FIXED JENKINS-26964] Handle AbortException right

    KostyaSha authored KostyaSha committed
  3. @kohsuke

    [FIXED JENKINS-26604] Ensures GlobalSettingsProvider does not swallow…

    kohsuke authored
    … fatal exceptions
    Merge pull request #1546
  4. @olivergondza
  5. @kohsuke
  6. @kohsuke
  7. @kohsuke
  8. @kohsuke

    Recording the previous change.

    kohsuke authored
  9. @kohsuke

    Merge pull request #1640 from daniel-beck/JENKINS-27067

    kohsuke authored
    [FIXED JENKINS-27067] Larger minimum popup menu height
  10. @kohsuke

    Merge pull request #1660 from deadmoose/really_sync

    kohsuke authored
    Fix concurrency issues in ConsistentHash
  11. @kohsuke
  12. @jglick
  13. @kohsuke


    kohsuke authored
    Reflecting more code review comments from
    - Jesse wants to keep the variable pointing to 1.6
    - Update executable-war so that it fails gracefully if run with Java6 or
    - CI build fails with VerifyError due to a regression in JDK.
      To support wide range of development environment, just cut off the
    - Have enforcer require 1.7 although javac fails in a kinda obvious way.
Commits on Apr 28, 2015
  1. @jglick

    @kohsuke requested some more comments in the code itself.

    jglick authored
    Given the minefield that is databinding, that seems prudent.
  2. @kohsuke

    Test failure

    kohsuke authored
  3. @daniel-beck
  4. @jglick

    [JENKINS-28110] Reproduced problem in test.

    jglick authored
    Starting in 4f24a02 (1.587-SNAPSHOT, before #1443 or stapler #39), nestedDescribableOverridingId passes.
    nestedDescribableSharingClass fails given {stapler-class: D3, kind: d3a}.
    (Stapler has no way of interpreting kind since it knows nothing of Descriptor, only implementation class names.)
    In master (3080573), both fail in the way reported (only kind is passed in).
    After adding stapler-class back, nestedDescribableOverridingId passes again.
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