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  • 20120613-01: Workflow Job Type
    • has one workflow definition
    • historic processes map to build results
    • should not occupy an executor
    • configurable: should allow multiple parallel executions
    • what to show in build log?
  • 20120504-01: when a Jenkins Task references a non-existing job, create a basic job from template
  • 20120504-03: Jenkins Task Type: allow to set Jenkins Job parameter
  • 20120504-04: populate workflow execution context with job environment variables (that includes job parameters)
  • 20120504-05: populate job environment with workflow attributes (name of workflow, workflow arguments, etc.)
  • 20120504-06: workflow persistency (how to persist workflow state on disk to survive Jenkins restarts)
  • 20120504-07: How to expose workflow diagram in Jenkins UI?
  • 20120504-09: Jenkow Designer Perspective for Eclipse
  • 20120906-01: sign the Eclipse update site (eclipse-maven-signing-plugin)
  • 20120924-01: Jenkins task should be able to launch Maven projects
  • 20121205-01: Maven plugin to wrap the Activiti engine to generate workflow diagrams from .bpmn files at build time to package them with documentation (javadoc of test classes?)
  • 20130227-01: Jenkins icon should be preserved in the Jenkins task when a workflow is deployed