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Jenkins JIRA Plugin

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See Wiki page for more information.

Reported Issues:

Building plugin with Docker

Build the plugin locally using Docker and Maven image version 3.3 & newest JDK 8:

docker run -it --rm -v "$PWD":/usr/src/mymaven -v "$HOME/.m2:/usr/src/mymaven/.m2" -w /usr/src/mymaven maven:3.3-jdk-8 mvn clean package

Contributing to the Plugin

See examples directory for some useful scripts like:

New feature proposals and bug fix proposals should be submitted as GitHub pull requests.

There are two active branches:

  • master - bugfixes and development of new features - major x.Y versions are released from this branch
  • hotfix - bugfix branch - selected commits are cherry picked from master branch - patch x.y.Z are released from this branch

Fork the repository on GitHub, prepare your change on your forked copy, and submit a pull request (see here for open pull requests).

Your pull request will be evaluated by the Travis CI Job and you should receive e-mail with the results of the evaluation.

If you are adding new features please make sure that they support Jenkins Pipeline Plugin. See (here]( for some information.

Before submitting your change make sure that:

  • you added tests - the coverage will be checked after submitting PRs
  • the code formatting follows the plugin standard (i.e. how most of the source code is formatted)
  • imports are organised - please do not use wildcard imports
  • you use findbugs to see if you haven't introduced any new warnings.

There have been many developers involved in the git plugin and there are many, many users who depend on the git-plugin.
Tests help us assure that we're delivering a reliable plugin, and that we've communicated our intent to other developers in a way that they can detect when they run tests.