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Welcome to the jenkins-job-dsl wiki!

Getting Started

Highly recommended starting point is the tutorial.

Once you know how to create a "seed" job from the tutorial, start looking at the real world examples for examples to steal from. After you get familiar with some of the commands, try them out at the Job DSL Playground.

Not all of the 1000+ Jenkins plugins are supported by the built-in DSL. If the API Viewer does not list support for a certain plugin, the Automatically Generated DSL can be used to fill the gap.

If you want to get fancy you'll want to read up on configure block, which gives you direct access to the config.xml.

Have a look at the Jenkins Job DSL Gradle example to see how to organize a SCM repository for Job DSL scripts, including tests for DSL scripts and IDE Support.

Browse the Jenkins issue tracker to see any open issues.

Release Notes