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Jenkins Klocwork Plugin
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Jenkins Klocwork Community Plugin

The Klocwork Community Plugin for Jenkins enables automated Klocwork analyses within Jenkins.

The plugin supports:

More information and up-to-date documentation can be found here: Emenda's Documentation


The plugin is maintained by Emenda for the community! Any questions please email

Note on Deprecation in v2.0+

Please note that in v2.0 we added new functionality to the plugin. Instead of updating (and possibly breaking) the old parts of the plugin we added completely new functionality. We will not remove any existing functionality but have marked it as Deprecated and will not actively add new features to it. Instead we recommend that you start using the new features, as detailed in the documentation. We hope that the new features are better and easier for you to use!


We happily accept pull requests on Emenda's Github repository
Emenda's repository is used to release from, and accepting pull request. Please do not make pull request on the Jenkins CI user repository on Github

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