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Jenkins Operator

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What's the Jenkins Operator?

The Jenkins Operator is a Kubernetes Native Operator which manages operations for Jenkins on Kubernetes. It has been built with Immutability and declarative Configuration as Code in mind.


Considering that this Operator is created for managing instances for Jenkins, it is important to understand what

Jenkins Pipelines use Scripts written in Groovy which aid in the CasC aspect of Jenkins.

Jenkins uses plugins like CasC to extend it's solution space by carrying out Jobs of different kinds and providing a composable infrastructure for your CI/CD.

Out of the box it provides:

Problem statement and goals

The main reason why we decided to implement the Jenkins Operator is the fact that we faced a lot of problems with standard Jenkins deployment. We want to make Jenkins more robust, suitable for dynamic and multi-tenant environments.

Some of the problems we want to solve:


Go to our documentation website for more information.

Selected content:

  1. How it works
  2. Getting Started
  3. Security
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Developer Guide
  6. FAQ
  7. Jenkins Custom Resource Definition Schema

Common Issues and Workarounds


Main channel of communication on topics related to Jenkins Operator is Jenkins Operator Category on Jenkins Community Discourse.

Here you can ask questions about the project, discuss best practices on using it, and talk to other users of the Operator, contributors and project's maintainers.

We also have a gitter/matrix channel, come to say hi!

Snapshots between releases

We are trying our best to resolve issues quickly, but they have to wait to be released. If you can't wait for an official docker image release and acknowledge the risk, you can use our unofficial images, which are built nightly.

You can find the project's repository here.

Look for the images with tag "{git-hash}", where {git-hash} is the hash of the master commit that interests you.


Feel free to file issues or pull requests, but please consult CONTRIBUTING document beforehand.

Before any big pull request please consult the maintainers to ensure a common direction.


About the authors

This project was originally developed by VirtusLab and the following CONTRIBUTORS.