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Kubernetes native Jenkins Operator
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Jenkins Operator

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What's Jenkins Operator?

Jenkins operator is a Kubernetes native operator which fully manages Jenkins on Kubernetes. It was built with immutability and declarative configuration as code in mind.

Out of the box it provides:

  • integration with Kubernetes
  • pipelines as code
  • extensibility via groovy scripts or configuration as code plugin
  • security and hardening

Problem statement and goals

The main reason why we decided to write the jenkins-operator is the fact that we faced a lot of problems with standard Jenkins deployment. We want to make Jenkins more robust, suitable for dynamic and multi-tenant environments.

Some of the problems we want to solve:

  • volumes handling (AWS EBS volume attach/detach issue when using PVC)
  • installing plugins with incompatible versions or security vulnerabilities
  • better configuration as code
  • lack of end to end tests
  • handle graceful shutdown properly
  • security and hardening out of the box
  • orphaned jobs with no jnlp connection
  • make errors more visible for end users
  • backup and restore for jobs history


  1. Installation
  2. Getting Started
  3. How it works
  4. Security
  5. Developer Guide


Feel free to file issues or pull requests.

About the authors

This project was originally developed by VirtusLab and the following CONTRIBUTORS.

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