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build steps to launch and report on mabl journeys
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mabl Jenkins Plugin

Build Status

This plugin allows easy launching of mabl journeys as a step in your Jenkins build. Your Jenkins build outcome will be tied to that of your deployment event.

See official mabl plugin site for documentation.

Plugin Installation

Install the plugin into your Jenkins v1.580+ server from the Available Plugins tab by searing for "mabl".

Building from Source

  1. Clone this repo
  2. build with mvn clean package
  3. Copy the plugin in target/mabl-integration.hpi to your Jenkins plugins/ directory
  4. Restart Jenkins

You can also install the .hpi file from the web UI by visting Jenkins > Manage Jenkins > Manager Plugins > Advanced > Upload Plugin.

Creating a mabl Build Step

  1. Create or edit a Jenkins project
  2. Select Run mabl journeys from the Add build step drop down list
  3. Copy your API key, environment_id, and application_id from the API Settings Page
  4. Save and run your build

Local Development

Overview of how to launch a Jenkins Docker instance with Jenkins, then build the plugin and deploy it that instance.

# Launch Jenkins
docker run -d -p 9090:8080 --name=jenkins-master jenkins

# Setup your Jenkins instance

# Build and deploy plugin to Jenkins (make sure you're in the mabl-integration-plugin directory)
mvn clean package \
  && docker cp target/mabl-integration.hpi jenkins-master:/var/jenkins_home/ \
  && docker restart jenkins-master


Before making a new plugin release, ensure code is in high quality, fully tested state. See extra checks.

  1. Update your ~/.m2/settings.xml according to the Jenkins docs.
  2. Setup and run a GitHub ssh agent.
  3. Run mvn release:prepare release:perform -B from the HEAD of master
  4. Run mvn deploy on sucess of above step.

Wait ~8 hours for plugin to become GA across all Jenkins instances under the "Available Plugins" listing.

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