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Make parent POM fingerprinting work with Maven 2.2, too [JENKINS-8383]
Originally-Committed-As: 38aa485883b3304b919101b4730485f45b988ed4
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kutzi committed Nov 13, 2011
1 parent 35e9473 commit 5add57a49d3aa455647ccbc2c9ef4666b44d5afa
Showing 1 changed file with 34 additions and 28 deletions.
@@ -23,35 +23,42 @@
package hudson.maven.reporters;

import hudson.FilePath;
import hudson.Extension;
import hudson.FilePath;
import hudson.maven.MavenBuild;
import hudson.maven.MavenBuildProxy;
import hudson.maven.MavenBuildProxy.BuildCallable;
import hudson.maven.MavenModule;
import hudson.maven.MavenModuleSetBuild;
import hudson.maven.MavenReporter;
import hudson.maven.MavenReporterDescriptor;
import hudson.maven.MojoInfo;
import hudson.maven.MavenModuleSetBuild;
import hudson.model.BuildListener;
import hudson.model.FingerprintMap;
import jenkins.model.Jenkins;
import hudson.tasks.Fingerprinter.FingerprintAction;
import org.apache.maven.artifact.Artifact;
import org.apache.maven.artifact.repository.ArtifactRepository;
import org.apache.maven.project.MavenProject;
import org.apache.maven.project.ProjectBuilderConfiguration;

import java.lang.reflect.Field;
import java.lang.reflect.Method;
import java.util.Collection;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.HashSet;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Map;
import java.util.Map.Entry;
import java.util.logging.Logger;
import java.util.Set;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.logging.Level;
import java.util.logging.Logger;

import jenkins.model.Jenkins;

import org.apache.maven.artifact.Artifact;
import org.apache.maven.artifact.DefaultArtifact;
import org.apache.maven.artifact.handler.DefaultArtifactHandler;
import org.apache.maven.artifact.repository.ArtifactRepository;
import org.apache.maven.artifact.versioning.VersionRange;
import org.apache.maven.project.MavenProject;
import org.apache.maven.project.ProjectBuilderConfiguration;

* Records fingerprints of the builds to keep track of dependencies.
@@ -84,7 +91,7 @@ public boolean preBuild(MavenBuildProxy build, MavenProject pom, BuildListener l
* Mojos perform different dependency resolution, so we need to check this for each mojo.
public boolean postExecute(MavenBuildProxy build, MavenProject pom, MojoInfo mojo, BuildListener listener, Throwable error) throws InterruptedException, IOException {
// TODO (kutzi, 2011/09/06): it should be perfectly save to move all these records to the
// TODO (kutzi, 2011/09/06): it should be perfectly safe to move all these records to the
// postBuild method as artifacts should only be added by mojos, but never removed/modified.
@@ -165,23 +172,21 @@ private Artifact getArtifact(MavenProject parent) {
Artifact art = parent.getArtifact();
if (art == null) {
// happens for Maven 2.x
// TODO: this constructor didn't exist in Maven 2.x:
//art = new DefaultArtifact(parent.getGroupId(), parent.getGroupId(),
// parent.getVersion(), "compile", "pom", null, null);
DefaultArtifactHandler artifactHandler = new DefaultArtifactHandler("pom");
art = new DefaultArtifact(parent.getGroupId(), parent.getArtifactId(), VersionRange.createFromVersion(parent.getVersion()),
null, "pom", "", artifactHandler);
return art;

private ArtifactRepository getLocalRepository(String mavenVersion, MavenProject parent, MavenProject pom) {
// Maven 2.0 has no corresponding mechanism
if (mavenVersion.startsWith("2.0")) {
return null;
} else if (mavenVersion.startsWith("2.1") || mavenVersion.startsWith("2.2")) {
//return getArtifactRepositoryMaven21(pom);
// still fails, because of missing artifact later
if (mavenVersion.startsWith("2.0") || mavenVersion.startsWith("2.1")) {
// Maven 2.0 has no corresponding mechanism
return null;
} else if (mavenVersion.startsWith("2.2")) {
// principally this should also work with Maven 2.1, but it's not tested, so err on the safe side
return getArtifactRepositoryMaven21(pom);
} else if (mavenVersion.startsWith("3.") || mavenVersion.startsWith("4.") /* who knows? ;) */) {
// Maven 3+
return parent.getProjectBuildingRequest()
} else {
@@ -192,14 +197,15 @@ private ArtifactRepository getLocalRepository(String mavenVersion, MavenProject

private ArtifactRepository getArtifactRepositoryMaven21(MavenProject pom) {
// Maven 2.1,2.2 has a projectBuildConfiguration in the original project (not parent itself), but no direct accessor
ProjectBuilderConfiguration projectBuilderConfiguration;
try {
Field field = MavenProject.class.getDeclaredField("projectBuilderConfiguration");
ProjectBuilderConfiguration projBuilderConfig = (ProjectBuilderConfiguration) field.get(pom);
return projBuilderConfig != null ? projBuilderConfig.getLocalRepository() : null;
} catch(Exception e) {
// Since maven-plugin is compiled against maven-core-3x, we need to retrieve
// this maven 2 object via reflection
Method method = MavenProject.class.getMethod("getProjectBuilderConfiguration");
projectBuilderConfiguration = (ProjectBuilderConfiguration) method.invoke(pom);
return projectBuilderConfiguration.getLocalRepository();
} catch (Exception e) {
LOGGER.log(Level.WARNING, "Could not retrieve BuilderConfigration", e);
return null;

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