Jenkins plugin providing new project types for multiple branches.

Jenkins Multi-Branch Project Plugin

This plugin adds additional project types that create sub-projects for each branch using a shared configuration.


Install the plugin using one of these methods:

  • Use the Jenkins plugin update center to download and install the latest version.
  • Clone this repo, manually compile the HPI file, and upload it through the Jenkins interface on the "advanced" tab in the plugin update center to get the newest/unreleased code.

The project types will appear in the list on the "New Job" page. When configuring the project, the SCM portion will be different. This section tells the project how to find branches to create sub-projects for. Just about everything else should look like a normal free-style project and will be applied to each sub-project.

Development Instructions

To build the plugin locally:

mvn clean verify

To release the plugin:

mvn release:prepare release:perform

To test in a local Jenkins instance:

mvn hpi:run


Thanks to Stephen Connolly for his work on the Jenkins Literate Plugin, Branch API Plugin, and SCM API Plugin. These plugins were great reference for creating this plugin's implementation. The SCM API is also what allows this plugin to use different SCM types for obtaining the branch list.

Thanks to Jesse Glick for stablizing a good chunk of boilerplate code from the Branch API Plugin and then abstracting it into the Folders Plugin.