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Jenkins plugin for inserting custom new relic insights events
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Jenkins New Relic Insights Plugin

This is a Jenkins Plugin which allows users to send custom events to new relic insights.

Set up


Set up a "New Relic Insights Key" credential

alt text


Add key value data points to submit with a custom event.

eventType key is required

Freestyle Job

alt text

Scripted Pipeline

Two options exist for sending data with a custom event in a scripted pipeline.

Key Value Data Points

node {
    // assemble key value keyValues points
    def secrets = [
      [$class: 'KeyValue', key: 'eventType', value: 'test_deployment'],
      [$class: 'KeyValue', key: 'appId', value: '888']
    // call build step with key value keyValues points
    step([$class: 'NewRelicInsights', 
    credentialsId: '291ff5f2-a93f-4d5a-8e56-a43d61475fc7', 
    keyValues: secrets])

Groovy Map

node {
    // a simpler option for pipelines
    def json = [eventType: 'test_deployment', appId: '888']
    // call build step with map
    step([$class: 'NewRelicInsights', 
    credentialsId: '291ff5f2-a93f-4d5a-8e56-a43d61475fc7', 
    json: json])   

Insights only accepts key-value pairs, not map/object or array values. Only floats and strings are supported data types. See Insights Docs for more information.

Querying in Insights

All of the above examples would appear as below in insights:

awesome pic

Insights Dashboard Examples

Deployment Metrics

alt text

For more information, please see new relic insights.


Maven Tasks

Here is a list of maven tasks that I use on this project:

  • mvn verify: runs all tests
  • mvn package: creates the hpi plugin archive to be used with Jenkins
  • mvn hpi:run -Djetty.port=8090: runs the Jenkins server (with the plugin pre-loaded) on port 8090


This project is distributed under the MIT license.


  • Seperate out eventType from generic keyValues object
  • Support variables in freestyle
  • Support pipeline
  • Surface a cleaner way to pass the keyValues via pipeline
  • Implement proper build wrapper pipeline step
newrelicInsights credentialsId: '', keyValues: keyValues, json: json

Reference credit

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