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A jenkins plugin which acts as an OSLC-CM consumer, creating bug reports on build failures.

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This plugin is an OSLC-CM consumer. On the occurence of a build
failure, it allows automated creation of bug reports in bug trackers
having OSLC support, using Oauth and REST.

It also allows some user interaction mode to create bugs using an
OSLC-CM provider's delegated creation dialog.

For more details of the OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) 
protocol, see

This program is (c) Copyright 2011 Madhumita Dhar & Institut Telecom.

It was developped in the frame of the COCLICO project with financial 
support of its funders.

It depends on the library.

To rebuild the plugin, issue the following command in this directory :
 $ mvn package

-- Olivier Berger, Madhumita Dhar
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