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Fetch full change description.
The 'p4 changes' optimisation only fetched the first 32 characters.
Added the '-l' flag to fetch the full description.

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p4paul committed Nov 26, 2015
1 parent a03ebba commit 571f235c1da25adaa1c2904324df5e56037c331a
Showing 1 changed file with 4 additions and 1 deletion.
@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@
import com.perforce.p4java.impl.generic.core.file.FileSpec;
import com.perforce.p4java.impl.mapbased.server.Server;
import com.perforce.p4java.option.server.ChangelistOptions;
import com.perforce.p4java.option.server.GetChangelistsOptions;
import com.perforce.p4java.option.server.GetDepotFilesOptions;
import com.perforce.p4java.option.server.GetFixesOptions;
import com.perforce.p4java.server.CmdSpec;
@@ -287,7 +288,9 @@ public Changelist getChange(int id) throws Exception {

public IChangelistSummary getChangeSummary(int id) throws P4JavaException {
List<IFileSpec> spec = FileSpecBuilder.makeFileSpecList("@=" + id);
List<IChangelistSummary> summary = connection.getChangelists(spec, null);
GetChangelistsOptions cngOpts = new GetChangelistsOptions();
List<IChangelistSummary> summary = connection.getChangelists(spec, cngOpts);
return summary.get(0);

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