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Update documentation for new P4_CHANGELIST behavior

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@@ -394,13 +394,6 @@ Use this snippet with your intended target e.g. a slave calles 'my_slave'
For more examples and usage please refer to the [Workflow docs](
### Workflow Limitations
There are several limitations as the Workflow plugin is relativly new, these include:
* SCM Polling (not functional)
* No access to Environment ${VAR} varables
### Exposed Variables
The plugin exposes the following additional variables:
@@ -412,6 +405,10 @@ The plugin exposes the following additional variables:
* *P4_TICKET* - Perforce ticket used (can be hidden using global configuration option 'Perforce: Secure P4_TICKET').
* *HUDSON_CHANGELOG_FILE* - Location on disk of 'changelog.xml' containing list of changes in this build.
For example in a Pipeline script you can use:
## Troubleshooting

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