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[JENKINS-23273] Make sure instance is always running after upgrade

Changed the chown logic so is only skipped if the configured user and
the owner are the same of the name param (default jenkins)

This way the chown is skipped in the majority of the unneeded cases and
installations while we make sure upgrades still work
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raul-arabaolaza committed Jan 27, 2017
1 parent d7b16bc commit 15a2e6971b631601b55f77884827fdde19c33ad2
Showing with 30 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +30 −6 rpm/build/SPECS/jenkins.spec
@@ -76,22 +76,46 @@ rm -rf "%{buildroot}"
/usr/sbin/useradd -g %{name} -s /bin/false -r -c "@@SUMMARY@@" \
-d "%{workdir}" %{name} &>/dev/null || :

# Used to decide later if we should perform a chown in case JENKINS_INSTALL_SKIP_CHOWN is false
# Check if a previous installation exists, if so use the configured JENKINS_USER to generate a files file for later use
# And check the JENKINS_HOME value and existing owners of work, log and cache dir, need to to this check
# here because the %files directive overwrites folder owners, I have not found a simple way to make the
# files directive to use JENKINS_USER as owner.
if [ -f "/etc/sysconfig/%{name}" ]; then
. /etc/sysconfig/%{name}
touch /tmp/cacheowner
ls -ld /var/cache/%{name} | awk 'NR==1 {print $3}' > /tmp/cacheowner
touch /tmp/logowner
ls -ld /var/log/%{name} | awk 'NR==1 {print $3}' > /tmp/logowner
touch /tmp/workdirowner
ls -ld ${JENKINS_HOME:-%{workdir}}| awk 'NR==1 {print $3}' > /tmp/workdirowner

/sbin/chkconfig --add %{name}

# Ensure the right ownership on files only if not owned by JENKINS_USER
. /etc/sysconfig/%{name}
if test x"$JENKINS_INSTALL_SKIP_CHOWN" != "xtrue"; then
owner=$(ls -ld /var/cache/%{name} | awk 'NR==1 {print $3}')
if [ "$owner" != "${JENKINS_USER:-%{name}}" ] ; then
if [ -f "/tmp/cacheowner" ]; then
cacheOwner=$(cat /tmp/cacheowner)
rm -f /tmp/cacheowner
if [ "${JENKINS_USER:-%{name}}" != "%{name}" ] || [ "${cacheOwner:-%{name}}" != "${JENKINS_USER:-%{name}}" ] ; then
chown -R ${JENKINS_USER:-%{name}} /var/cache/%{name}
owner=$(ls -ld /var/log/%{name} | awk 'NR==1 {print $3}')
if [ "$owner" != "${JENKINS_USER:-%{name}}" ] ; then
if [ -f "/tmp/logowner" ]; then
logOwner=$(cat /tmp/logowner)
rm -f /tmp/logowner
if [ "${JENKINS_USER:-%{name}}" != "%{name}" ] || [ "${logOwner:-%{name}}" != "${JENKINS_USER:-%{name}}" ] ; then
chown -R ${JENKINS_USER:-%{name}} /var/log/%{name}
owner=$(ls -ld ${JENKINS_HOME:-%{workdir}}| awk 'NR==1 {print $3}')
if [ "$owner" != "${JENKINS_USER:-%{name}}" ] ; then
if [ -f "/tmp/workdirowner" ]; then
workdirOwner=$(cat /tmp/workdirowner)
rm -f /tmp/workdirowner
if [ "${JENKINS_USER:-%{name}}" != "%{name}" ] || [ "${workdirOwner:-%{name}}" != "${JENKINS_USER:-%{name}}" ] ; then
chown -R ${JENKINS_USER:-%{name}} ${JENKINS_HOME:-%{workdir}}

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