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Merge pull request #99 from varyvol/JENKINS-44738

[JENKINS-44738] Windows installer to perform backup of jenkins.xml file
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svanoort committed Jun 16, 2017
2 parents 84993c2 + 8e681e2 commit b3198e467bca520c21e89e2c34ed41597f1f925a
Showing with 37 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +37 −5 msi/jenkins.wxs
@@ -43,28 +43,60 @@
<Upgrade Id="${MSI_PRODUCTCODE}">
<UpgradeVersion Minimum="0.0.0" Maximum="99.99.99" Property="PREVIOUSVERSIONINSTALLED" />

<CustomAction Id="BackupJenkinsXmlFile" Script="vbscript">
On Error Resume Next
jenkinsDirPath = session.Property("JENKINSDIR")
Set fsObj = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
If fsObj.FolderExists(jenkinsDirPath) Then
srcPath = jenkinsDirPath & "jenkins.xml"
If fsObj.FileExists(srcPath) Then
dstPath = jenkinsDirPath & "jenkins.xml.backup"
If fsObj.FileExists(dstPath) Then
suffix = 1
While fsObj.FileExists(dstPath & "_" & suffix)
suffix = suffix + 1
dstPath = dstPath & "_" & suffix
End If
fsObj.CopyFile srcPath, dstPath, True
On Error Goto 0
End If
End If

Earlier I suffered a problem where after an upgrade, all the JRE files are removed
(if I then repair the installation, it'll work, so it's not the missing definitions in the msi file.)
I'm still new to MSI/WiX to be able to really understand what's going on, but seems to explain the problem,
(as caused by the interaction between deferred removal), and the take away from this thread
as a whole seems to be that for auto-generated wxs files (from heat), it's just not possible
to get the file updates done right (WTF?!).
The InstallInitialize seems to work. My naive hypothesis is that this stops the service and
deletes all the files before new ones are added (OTOH, I still get a dialog that some files
are in use and I need to reboot, so I could be all wrong, or maybe the installer is showing
this dialog incorrectly as a precaution, as alluded in
I remember seeing another e-mail on the wix-users list about <ServiceControl> not actually
waiting until the full termination of the service, and if so, this still might not work.
In any case, noting my experiments so that future changes to this value will be done very carefully.
<RemoveExistingProducts After="InstallInitialize"/>
<Custom Action="BackupJenkinsXmlFile" After='InstallInitialize' />
<RemoveExistingProducts After="BackupJenkinsXmlFile"/>

<Feature Id='Complete' Level='1'>

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