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91cba77 Jun 20, 2017
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// in this array we'll place the jobs that we wish to run
def branches = [:]
//running the job 4 times concurrently
//the dummy parameter is for preventing mutation of the parameter before the execution of the closure.
//we have to assign it outside the closure or it will run the job multiple times with the same parameter "4"
//and jenkins will unite them into a single run of the job
for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++) {
def index = i //if we tried to use i below, it would equal 4 in each job execution.
branches["branch${i}"] = {
//param1 : an example string parameter for the triggered job.
//dummy: a parameter used to prevent triggering the job with the same parameters value.
// this parameter has to accept a different value each time the job is triggered.
build job: 'freestyle', parameters: [
string(name: 'param1', value:'test_param'),
string(name:'dummy', value: "${index}")]
parallel branches