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// The script triggers PayloadJob on every node.
// It uses Node and Label Parameter plugin to pass the job name to the payload job.
// The code will require approval of several Jenkins classes in the Script Security mode
def branches = [:]
def names = nodeNames()
for (int i=0; i<names.size(); ++i) {
def nodeName = names[i];
// Into each branch we put the pipeline code we want to execute
branches["node_" + nodeName] = {
node(nodeName) {
echo "Triggering on " + nodeName
build job: 'PayloadJob', parameters: [
new org.jvnet.jenkins.plugins.nodelabelparameter.NodeParameterValue
("TARGET_NODE", "description", nodeName)
// Now we trigger all branches
parallel branches
// This method collects a list of Node names from the current Jenkins instance
def nodeNames() {
return jenkins.model.Jenkins.instance.nodes.collect { node -> }
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