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7d5af60 Dec 12, 2016
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// First we'll generate a text file in a subdirectory on one node and stash it.
stage "first step on first node"
// Run on a node with the "first-node" label.
node('first-node') {
// Make the output directory.
sh "mkdir -p output"
// Write a text file there.
writeFile file: "output/somefile", text: "Hey look, some text."
// Stash that directory and file.
// Note that the includes could be "output/", "output/*" as below, or even
// "output/**/*" - it all works out basically the same.
stash name: "first-stash", includes: "output/*"
// Next, we'll make a new directory on a second node, and unstash the original
// into that new directory, rather than into the root of the build.
stage "second step on second node"
// Run on a node with the "second-node" label.
node('second-node') {
// Run the unstash from within that directory!
dir("first-stash") {
unstash "first-stash"
// Look, no output directory under the root!
// pwd() outputs the current directory Pipeline is running in.
sh "ls -la ${pwd()}"
// And look, output directory is there under first-stash!
sh "ls -la ${pwd()}/first-stash"