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Merge pull request #59 from jenkinsci/JENKINS-44807

[JENKINS-44807] Don't forget to track the usage of the fingerprinted generated artifacts
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cyrille-leclerc committed Jun 14, 2017
2 parents 88ca34c + 576c9d3 commit 5853e87af69f4760bd2517c1f68df07de0486229
@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ public void process(@Nonnull StepContext context, @Nonnull Element mavenSpyLogsE
for (Map.Entry<String, String> artifactToFingerprint : artifactsToFingerPrint.entrySet()) {
String artifactPathInArchiveZone = artifactToFingerprint.getKey();
String artifactMd5 = artifactToFingerprint.getValue();
fingerprintMap.getOrCreate(run, artifactPathInArchiveZone, artifactMd5);
fingerprintMap.getOrCreate(run, artifactPathInArchiveZone, artifactMd5).addFor(run);

// add action

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