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[FIXED JENKINS-48758] Better message about allowed env values
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abayer committed Jan 19, 2018
1 parent 43518c3 commit 8f8b158545fa7f6e9af2dcbcdd065e339a769cb3
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  1. +1 −1 ...-definition/src/main/resources/org/jenkinsci/plugins/pipeline/modeldefinition/
@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ ModelParser.InvalidBuildCondition=The 'post' section can only contain build cond
ModelParser.InvalidEnvironmentIdentifier="{0}" is not a valid environment expression. Use "key = value" pairs with valid Java/shell keys.
ModelParser.InvalidEnvironmentOperation=Environment variable values can only be joined together with '+'s.
ModelParser.InvalidEnvironmentConcatValue=Environment variable values to be concatenated together must be single or double quoted.
ModelParser.InvalidEnvironmentValue=Environment variable values must either be strings or function calls.
ModelParser.InvalidEnvironmentValue=Environment variable values must either be single quoted, double quoted, or function calls.
ModelParser.InvalidInputField=Not a valid field for input: "{0}"
ModelParser.InvalidInternalFunctionArg=Internal function call parameters must be strings.
ModelParser.InvalidSectionDefinition=Not a valid section definition: "{0}". Some extra configuration is required.

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