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Find file Copy path
Find file Copy path
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Implemented Steps

File System

  • findFiles - Find/list files in the workspace. Returns an array of FileWrappers (help)
  • touch - Create a file (if not already exist) in the workspace, and set the timestamp. Returns a FileWrapper representing the file that was touched. (help)
  • sha1 - Computes the SHA1 of a given file. (help)
  • tee - Tee output to file

Zip Files

  • zip - Create Zip file. (help)
  • unzip - Extract/Read Zip file (help)

Configuration Files

  • readProperties - Read java properties from files in the workspace or text. (help)
  • readManifest - Read a Jar Manifest. (help)
  • readYaml - Read YAML from files in the workspace or text. (help)
  • writeYaml - Write a YAML file from an object. (help)
  • readJSON - Read JSON from files in the workspace or text. (help)
  • writeJSON - Write a JSON object to a files in the workspace. (help)
  • readCSV - Read CSV from files in the workspace or text. (help)
  • writeCSV - Write a CSV file from an object. (help)

Maven Projects


  • nodesByLabel - List nodes by Label, by default excluding offline. Returns a list of node names as List<String>. (help)
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