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Plot plugin

This plugin provides generic plotting (or graphing) capabilities in Jenkins.

  • see Jenkins wiki for detailed feature descriptions
  • use JIRA to report issues / feature requests

Master Branch

The master branch is the primary development branch.

Contributing to the Plugin

New feature proposals and bug fix proposals should be submitted as pull requests. Fork the repository, prepare your change on your forked copy, and submit a pull request. Your pull request will be evaluated by the Cloudbees Jenkins job.

Before submitting your pull request, please assure that you've added a test which verifies your change. Tests help us assure that we're delivering a reliable plugin, and that we've communicated our intent to other developers in a way that they can detect when they run tests.

Building the Plugin

  $ java -version # Need Java 1.8, earlier versions are unsupported for build
  $ mvn -version # Need a modern maven version; maven 3.2.5 and 3.5.0 are known to work
  $ mvn clean install
  $ mvn package # produces target/plot.hpi for manual installation 

Running/testing plugin locally

  $ mvn hpi:run

Following command will start fresh Jenkins instance with current plugin installed. Jenkins will be started on address. Please make sure 8080 port is not in use before running the command.

Alternatively, other port can be specified by adding a parameter:

   $ mvn hpi:run -Djetty.port=8090

Code style

Checkstyle plugin is used to validate code style. Check checkstyle/checkstyle.xml for more details.

Few important notes about the style:


  • Use spaces (tabs banned)
  • 1 indent = 4 spaces

Field naming convention

  • "hungarian" notation is banned
  • ALL_CAPS for static final fields
  • camelCase for naming (_ tolerable in test names)


  • * imports are banned


  • line length = 100
  • method declaration parameters = Align when multiline
  • use interfaces only as types (no interface for constants)