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Plugin Compatibility Tester (PCT)

Generates a compatibility matrix for plugins against Jenkins core.

See for background.

Running PCT

Running PCT in Docker

It is recommended to run PCT in the prepared Docker image. You can find it here.


This command will clone of a repository and run PCT against the latest Jenkins Core:

docker run --rm -v maven-repo:/root/.m2 -v $(pwd)/out:/pct/out -e ARTIFACT_ID=ssh-slaves -e VERSION=ssh-slaves-1.24 jenkins/pct

This command will run PCT for the latest plugin version against the specified Jenkins WAR. PCT supports running against SNAPSHOT builds, but PCT will have to install local Maven artifacts in such case.

docker run --rm -v maven-repo:/root/.m2 -v $(pwd)/out:/pct/out -v my/jenkins.war:/pct/jenkins.war:ro -e ARTIFACT_ID=ssh-slaves jenkins/pct

This command will run PCT against custom versions of Jenkins and the plugin specified by volumes.

docker run --rm -v maven-repo:/root/.m2 -v $(pwd)/out:/pct/out -v my/jenkins.war:/pct/jenkins.war:ro -v my/plugin:/pct/plugin-src:ro jenkins/pct

The command below will run PCT for a branch in a custom repository.

docker run --rm -v maven-repo:/root/.m2 -v $(pwd)/out:/pct/out -e CHECKOUT_SRC= -e VERSION=JENKINS-26374 jenkins/pct


Environment variables:

  • ARTIFACT_ID - ID of the artifact to be tested. The image will be able to determine this ID automatically if CHECKOUT_SRC or /pct/plugin-src are defined.
  • VERSION - tag/commit/branch to be checked out and tested. master by default
  • CHECKOUT_SRC - Custom Git clone source (e.g.${ARTIFACT_ID}-plugin.git by default
  • JAVA_OPTS - Java options to be passed to the PCT CLI
  • DEBUG - Boolean flag, which enables the Remote Debug mode (port == 5000)
  • M2_SETTINGS_FILE - If set indicates the path of the custom maven settings file to use (see volumes below)
  • INSTALL_BUNDLED_SNAPSHOTS - Install JAR and plugin snapshots to local repository. true by default. WAR snapshots will be always installed.


  • /pct/plugin-src - Plugin sources to be used for the PCT run. Sources will be checked out if not specified
  • /pct/jenkins.war - Jenkins WAR file to be used for the PCT run
  • /pct/m2-settings.xml - Custom Maven Settings (optional) if M2_SETTINGS_FILE environment variable exists run-pct will ignore this location and use the one specified in the variable
  • /pct/out - Output directory for PCT. All reports will be stored there
  • /pct/tmp - Temporary directory. Can be exposed to analyze run failures
  • /root/.m2 - Maven repository. It can be used to pass settings.xml or to cache artifacts

Running PCT manually

PCT offers the CLI interface which can be used to run PCT locally.

  • Download PCT and execute mvn clean install
  • Download plugin sources to a PLUGIN_SRC directory.
  • Checkout the plugin repo to a tag/commit/branch you want to test
  • Run mvn clean install -DskipTests to initialize artifacts
  • Go to PCT folder and run the CLI (make sure to modify paths according to your system). Example:
java -jar plugins-compat-tester-cli/target/plugins-compat-tester-cli-${PCT_VERSION}.jar \
  -reportFile $(pwd)/out/report.xml \
  -workDirectory $(pwd)/tmp/work \
  -includePlugins ${PLUGIN_ARTIFACT_ID} \
  -war jenkins.war -localCheckoutDir ${PLUGIN_SRC} \
  -skipTestCache true \
  -mvn ${PATH_TO_MAVEN}

You can run the CLI with the -help argument to get a full list of supported options.

❗️ For the moment testing more than one plugin at once requires plugins to be released, so for testing SNAPSHOTS you need to execute the last step for every plugin you want to test*

Running PCT with custom Java versions

Plugin compat tester supports running Test Suites with a Java version different from the one being used to run PCT and build the plugins. For example, such mode can be used to run tests with JDK11 while the plugin build flow is not adapted to it.

Two options can be passed to PCT CLI for such purpose:

  • testJDKHome - A path to JDK HOME to be used for running tests in plugins
  • testJavaArgs - Java test arguments to be used for test runs. For JDK 11 this option may be used to pass modules and the classpath

You can run the example by running the following command:

make demo-jdk11 -e TEST_JDK_HOME=${YOUR_JDK11_HOME}

Full list of options for JDK11 can be found here.

When using the docker image, it is possible to use JDK_VERSION variable to select the version to use. The version needs to be bundled in the docker image. By specifying 11, the modules and jaxb libraries are also added to the command line.

Developer Info

Debugging PCT in Docker

If you need to debug a dockerized PCT instance, use the -e DEBUG=true -p 5005:5005 flags and then attach to the container using Remote Debugger in your IDE.

docker run --rm -v maven-repo:/root/.m2 -v $(pwd)/out:/pct/out -e ARTIFACT_ID=job-restrictions -e DEBUG=true -p 5005:5005 -i jenkins/pct


To do (refile in plugin-compat-tester in JIRA!):

  1. InternalMavenRunner currently still seems to run install goal which is very undesirable on release tags
  2. should run surefire-report:report goal instead (or surefire-report:report-only after) and display link to HTML results from index page
  3. Export everything to GAE, dropping the data storing in XML files (which pollutes the filesystem and can be easily delete if we are careless) and processing with XSL. (migration already started to GAE datastorage, but not completely finished, especially on build logs). (jglick: this is undesirable, need to be able to review local results without uploading them)
  4. Improve GAE app to allow plugin maintainers to subscribe to notifications on plugin compatibility tests for their plugins against new jenkins versions released.
  5. Remove possibility, on GAE app, to select both "every plugins" and "every cores" results... because it generates too much results and crash GAE datastore
  6. most plugin tests fail to build using internal Maven; PlexusWagonProvider.lookup with a roleHint=https fails for no clear reason, and some missing SNAPSHOTs cause a build failure related to
  7. testing a module not at the root of its Git repo fails (findbugs succeeds but tests against old Jenkins core)
  8. testing analysis-core fails because it uses org.jvnet.hudson.plugins:analysis-pom as a parent
  9. when testing a plugin depending on other plugins, bump up the dependency to the latest released version…or even build the dependency from master sources