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@release-drafter release-drafter released this 16 Apr 19:09
· 607 commits to master since this release

Breaking changes in order to make Plugin POM simpler to use and maintain. See this discussion in the developer mailing list for more info. All changes target JENKINS-60474 from #269 by @jtnord

Note: Jenkins 2.164.x is the minimum supported version as it's the first version that includes the Jenkins bom

💥 Breaking changes

  • Update HtmlUnit to 2.36.0 in Jenkins Test Harness (#271) @dependabot
    • API has some binary compatibility breaking changes, plugin maintainers may need to update the test codebase if they use WebClient-based tests
  • JENKINS-58028 - Remove GMaven from dependencyManagement (#209, #277) @bitwiseman @oleg-nenashev
    • GMavenPlus should be used instead

🚀 New features and improvements

  • JENKINS-58028 - Switch from GMaven to GMavenPlus (#209) @bitwiseman
  • JENKINS-60474 - Libraries that are shipped with jenkins-core now have their dependency versions unconditionally managed by the Jenkins Core Bill of Materials
    • The jenkins-bom and no-jenkins-bom profiles have been removed
    • With this change the libaries used will be correct for a given jenkins.version however this requires a version of Jenkins that was published with the bom (2.195 or higher), or has been explicitly published
    • See here for a list of supported versions
  • A quick-build profile has been introduced that disabled things not related to just producing the desired artifacts. This is activated on the command line in the standard maven way (e.g. mvn -P quick-build package)
  • Add an extra enforcer rule prevent releases from containing SNAPSHOT versions
  • JMH benchmarks are now run by activating the jmh-benchmark directly rather than via a property. (mvn -P jmh-benchmark test)
  • Skipping tests using surefire's skipTest property no longer skips other mojos execution.

🚨 Removed

  • Removed Deprecated findbugs properties, use the equivalent spotbugs property (#269) @jtnord
  • Removed support for compiling plugins with java.level < 8. The only supported java.level is 8
  • Deprecated concurrency property has been removed. use the forkCount surefire option directly from the command line (or pom) (e.g. mvn -DforkCount=4 verify)
  • Support for the jgit provider of the release plugin has been removed. Git executable is now required to be installed and available in the PATH
  • Automatic re-running of failing tests has been removed.

🐛 Bug Fixes

📦 Dependency updates

📝 Documentation updates

👻 Maintenance

  • Do not run invoker during release:perform (#296) @jtnord
  • Link to on https (#294) @timja
  • Always run the integration tests in this POM (#269) @jtnord