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Merge pull request #11 from oleg-nenashev/pom-update

[JENKINS-37565] Allow specifying custom java.level
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oleg-nenashev committed Aug 28, 2016
2 parents 9a115ce + 1ea975d commit 8334beddd7464851b4a3c18cec8f525430fbf418
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14 pom.xml
@@ -583,14 +583,16 @@
@@ -612,6 +614,12 @@
<!-- By default only check remote repositories once per week -->

<!-- Starting from Jenkins 1.625.x Jenkins supports Java 7 only, hence we may want to bump the dependency in components -->
<!-- Change this property if you need your tests to be compiled with a different Java level than the plugin. -->
<!-- Use only if strictly necessary. It may cause problems in your IDE. -->

<!-- Define all plugin versions as properties so individual hierarchies can easily override -->

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