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This is Jenkins plugin to connect RabbitMQ then consume messages in queue.
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rabbitmq-consumer: RabbitMQ Consumer Plugin for Jenkins


rabbitmq-consumer is a Jenkins plugin to connect to RabbitMQ then consume application messages in specific queues.

This plugin has global configuration only, so any features for user are not provided. You would need other plugins to provide features for user.

Develop listener plugin

This plugin provides convenient interfaces to listen application messages.

To implement listener to your plugin, the below setups are needed.

in pom.xml:




Extension Point:


Interface org.jenkinsci.plugins.rabbitmqconsumer.listeners.ApplicationMessageListener is obsolated in 2.0. Any implementation classes are no longer called.

Publish messages from your plugin

This plugin provides convenient interfaces to publish messages to RabbitMQ.

If you want to use them from your plugin, please see the implementation of RabbitMQ Build Trigger Plugin.

Implementaion class:


Extension Point:



org.jenkinsci.plugins.rabbitmqconsumer.publishers.PublishChannelFactory org.jenkinsci.plugins.rabbitmqconsumer.publishers.PublishChannel org.jenkinsci.plugins.rabbitmqconsumer.publishers.PublishResult org.jenkinsci.plugins.rabbitmqconsumer.publishers.ExchangeType org.jenkinsci.plugins.rabbitmqconsumer.listeners.RMQChannelListener

Customized server operation

This plugin provides interface for customized operation.

You can customize server operation like the following.

  • Declare queue/exchange
  • Modify queue/exchange properties
  • queue-exchange binding

This interface passes instance of Channel as argument.

Extension Point:



This plugin does not generates any queues in RabbitMQ. So you should prepare them by yourself.

Interfaces were drastically changed in 2.0. You should not upgrade to 2.0 if you use other plugin for 1.0.



MIT License


Copyright (c) 2013 rinrinne a.k.a. rin_ne

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