Jenkins plugin for Rally integration
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Rally Plugin

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This is a Jenkins Plug-in which

  1. pulls SCM ChangeSet information from Jenkins Builds and updates relevant Rally defect or story as a build action.
  2. picks up Task details [status, actual hrs, todo hrs etc] from scm comments (if provided) and updates rally task details accordingly.
  3. saves developers the effort of writing, installing, and maintaining check-in hooks for SCM tools (svn, cvs, perforce etc) in order to update Rally changsets, a task which is especially difficult if your organisation uses more than one configuration management tool.
  4. stores your Jenkins build statuses in Rally every time a story or defect is updated by commit message (optional).

For more information, please see the project page.


Maven Tasks

Here is a list of maven tasks that I use on this project:

  • mvn verify: runs all tests
  • mvn package: creates the hpi plugin archive to be used with Jenkins
  • mvn hpi:run -Djetty.port=8090: runs the Jenkins server (with the plugin pre-loaded) on port 8090
  • mvn cobertura:cobertura: runs all the tests, gathering code coverage metrics
  • mvn org.pitest:pitest-maven:mutationCoverage: runs Pitest mutation coverage
  • mvn org.pitest:pitest-maven:scmMutationCoverage -Dinclude=ADDED,UNKNOWN,MODIFIED -DmutationThreshold=85: runs PITest mutation coverage only on modified files, failing if the threshold is below 85%


This project is distributed under the MIT license.