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[JENKINS-45841] - Explicitly deprecate protocols, add Errata
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@@ -39,15 +39,21 @@ but confirmed protocol-specific issues will be closed and added to Errata.

### JNLP1-connect

* Legacy remoting protocol
* Not recommended for use since in Modern Jenkins versions
* Status: Replaced by `JNLP2-connect`

The slave sends the master the slave name it wants to register as and the computed HMAC of the slave name.
If accepted the master will reply with a confirmation response.
Then the channel gets established.

#### JNLP1-connect Errata

* NIO is not supported by the protocol.
It may cause performance issues on large-scale instances.

### JNLP2-connect

* Status: Replaced by `JNLP4-connect`

This is the advanced versions of the <code>JNLP1-connect</code> protocol.
On successful connection to the master the slave will receive a cookie from the master, which the slave stores.

@@ -57,10 +63,18 @@ The master can use the cookie to determine if the incoming request is an initial

The protocol supports the non-blocking I/O, which improve the performance of the communication channel.

#### JNLP2-connect Errata

* [JENKINS-31735](, [JENKINS-24155]( - `NioChannelHub` thread dies sometimes without obvious reason
* ...

The list is not complete.
Check the bugtracker for more issues.

### JNLP3-connect

* Status: Replaced by `JNLP4-connect`
* Introduced in: Remoting 2.53, [JENKINS-26580](
* The protocol has known stability issues (see the Errata section below)
* The protocol is disabled by default in Jenkins
* **Not recommended** for use since the <code>JNLP4-connect</code> release

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