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[JENKINS-37566] - FindBugs: Suppress serialization warning for UserRe…


The field is actually always serializable, but we cannot confirm it statically due to the reflection code.
I decided to just suppress it for now and to document the method.
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oleg-nenashev committed Nov 16, 2017
1 parent 446ae85 commit 5290e26afde6751004ad2d5c2ae7f13eb5c7b425
@@ -712,7 +712,17 @@ public ClassFile2 upconvert(ClassFile2 referer, Class clazz, URL local) {
ResourceFile[] getResources2(String name) throws IOException;

public static IClassLoader export(@Nonnull ClassLoader cl, Channel local) {
* Exports classloader over the channel.
* If the classloader is an instance of {@link RemoteClassLoader}, this classloader will be unwrapped and reused.
* Otherwise, a classloader object will be exported
* @param cl Classloader to be exported
* @param local Channel
* @return Exported reference. This reference is always {@link Serializable} though interface is not explict about that
public static IClassLoader export(@Nonnull ClassLoader cl, @Nonnull Channel local) {
if (cl instanceof RemoteClassLoader) {
// check if this is a remote classloader from the channel
final RemoteClassLoader rcl = (RemoteClassLoader) cl;
@@ -57,6 +57,7 @@
private final byte[] request;

@SuppressFBWarnings(value = "SE_BAD_FIELD", justification = "RemoteClassLoader.export() always returns a serializable instance, but we cannot check it statically due to the java.lang.reflect.Proxy")
private final IClassLoader classLoaderProxy;
private final String toString;
@@ -101,6 +102,8 @@ public UserRequest(Channel local, Callable<?,EXC> c) throws IOException {

// TODO: We know that the classloader is always serializable, but there is no way to express it here in a compatible way \
// (as well as to call instance off or whatever)
this.classLoaderProxy = RemoteClassLoader.export(cl, local);

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