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[Docs] - Noting JENKINS-37302, JENKINS-33886, and JENKINS-34121 in JNLP3 Errata
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oleg-nenashev committed Mar 7, 2017
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@@ -29,8 +29,9 @@ The protocol supports the non-blocking I/O, which improve the performance of the
### JNLP3-connect

* Introduced in: Remoting 2.53, [JENKINS-26580](
* The protocol has known stability issues and disabled by default in Jenkins
* Not recommended for use since the <code>JNLP4-connect</code> release
* The protocol has known stability issues (see the Errata section below)
* The protocol is disabled by default in Jenkins
* **Not recommended** for use since the <code>JNLP4-connect</code> release

This protocol aims to improve security of JNLP-based slaves.
Both the master and the slave securely authenticate each other and then setup an encrypted channel.
@@ -40,6 +41,18 @@ For each connection a new thread is being created, and it leads to the performan
even Denial of Service on highly loaded Jenkins masters.
There are also some reported issues regarding the Remoting 3 stability on particular systems.

#### JNLP3-connect Errata

Below you can find the list of known `JNLP3-connect` issues.
There is no plan to fix these issues, usage of `JNLP4-connect` is the recommended approach.

* [JENKINS-37302]( -
JNLP3 challenge response generates invalid string encoding, the check may fail randomly.
* [JENKINS-33886]( -
On some configurations only one JNLP3 slave per IP address can be connected.
* [JENKINS-34121]( -
JNLP3 cannot be used on IBM Java, which doesn't support AES/CTR/PKCS5Padding.

### JNLP4-connect

* Introduced in: Remoting 3.0, [JENKINS-36871](
@@ -119,6 +119,8 @@
* Java Cryptography Extension</a> available. In the future maybe the key
* size could be made a parameter or the implementation can check to see if
* 256bit sizes are supported.
* @deprecated Deprecated after the release of JNLP4, see {@link JnlpProtocol4Handler}
public class JnlpProtocol3Handler extends LegacyJnlpProtocolHandler<Jnlp3ConnectionState> {

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