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JENKINS-13207 Updated context help

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rossrowe committed Mar 25, 2012
1 parent 39d23bb commit 42a3630a84629e65e45a248bf21b575130b6f4b8
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The plugin will detect to see if a later version of Sauce Connect is available. If it is, then it can be
incorporated into the plugin without installing a later version of the plugin, and without restarting Jenkins.
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If a single browser is selected, then it will be used to populate a SELENIUM_DRIVER variable.

If multiple browsers are selected, then they will be included in a SAUCE_ONDEMAND_BROWSERS environment
variable in JSON format. These values can be extracted by your unit tests to invoke parallel Selenium tests.

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The name of the Selenium host to be used. For tests run using Sauce Connect, this should be localhost. can also be used to connect directly to Sauce OnDemand. The value of the host will be stored in the SAUCE_ONDEMAND_HOST environment variable.


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