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Merge branch 'master' into JENKINS-34739-varargs

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jglick committed May 19, 2016
2 parents 8acc84d + ac5d5bf commit 007541f466fbdd143fe15035564a5304aca98f68
@@ -328,6 +328,12 @@ public String rawProp5() {
assertRejected(new AnnotatedWhitelist(), "staticMethod " + clazz + " explode", "C.m(); class C {static void m() {" + clazz + ".explode();}}");

@Ignore("TODO RejectedAccessException: unclassified new C java.util.LinkedHashMap")
@Test public void structConstructor() throws Exception {
assertEvaluate(new StaticWhitelist(), "ok", "class C {String f}; new C(f: 'ok').f");

@Test public void defSyntax() throws Exception {
String clazz = Unsafe.class.getName();
Whitelist w = new ProxyWhitelist(new AnnotatedWhitelist(), /* for some reason def syntax triggers this */new StaticWhitelist("method java.util.Collection toArray"));

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