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@@ -24,9 +24,13 @@ on the [Selenium Test
Cases]( page on
the Jenkins wiki
+For historical reasons, there are older tests that are written for `test/unit` (in the `test` directory)
+and newer tests that are written for cucumber (in the `features` directory.)
+## Running tests
-## What running tests looks like
+To run the test, `JENKINS_WAR=path/to/your/jenkins.war bundle exec rake`. This will run both
+the older `test/unit` tests as well as cucumber tests in one go.
There is a bit of a delay since we bring up Jenkins for every single test, with
it's own sandboxed workspace as well:
@@ -34,3 +38,20 @@ it's own sandboxed workspace as well:
+### Choosing the JenkinsController
+This test harness has an abstraction called `JenkinsController` that allows you to use different logic
+for starting/stopping Jenkins. We use this to reuse the same set of tests for testing stand-alone `jenkins.war`
+to testing packages.
+See [the source code](tree/master/lib/controller/) for the list of available controllers. If you see a line like
+`register :remote_sysv`, that means the ID of that controller is `remote_sysv`.
+To select a controller, run the test with the 'type' environment variable set to the controller ID, such as:
+`type=remote_sysv bundle exec rake`. Controllers take their configurations from environment variables. Again,
+see the controller source code for details until we document them here.
+### Running one test
+You can run a single cucumber test by pointing to a test scenario in terms of its file name and line number like
+`bundle exec cucumber features/freestyle_build.feature:6`
+If someone knows how to run a single `test/unit` test case, please update this document.
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